Introducing Pavo

Origin of the name Pavo:

Pavo refers to light and companion. Yes, Pavo Finance can be your beacon in the crypto space, it can lead you to the best way; meanwhile, it is also your good company that can help you explore the crypto world easily.

Pavo comes from the following paragraph:

Pavo — noun :Pa·​vo | \ ˈpā-(ˌ)vō \

In astronomy: Pavo is a constellation in the south, visible at latitudes between +30° and -90°, represented by a peacock diagram. The neighboring constellations are Apus, Ara, Indus, Octans, and Telescopium. Pavo constellation lies in the southern sky whose means peacock in Latin.

In Australia, some constellations are described as a “pan” used to find the direction to the south. Pavo is known for its bright star Peacock, the nearby solar-like Delta Pavonis, interacting galaxies NGC 6872 (Condor Galaxy) and IC 4970, and several other deep-sky objects.

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the peacock was Hera’s sacred bird that all birds worship. It is also said that Argus had a hundred eyes, which made him an excellent guard. After Hera’s death, Hera turned all her eyes to the peacock’s tail, giving the peacock a supernatural insight.

Argus is the queen of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, the goddess with the highest status and power among Olympus gods, and one of the twelve significant deities of Olympus. As a sacred bird, the Peacock is Hera’s most loyal companion.

And most importantly, Pavo Finance is going to provide you with both a bright light and with a powerful companion to guide you.

Auto Farm

In Auto Farm, Pavo is the beacon in the dark sky.

Pavo, being itself a guide, launched Auto Farm to help people find the right direction in the DeFI world. Auto Farm displays a series of financial strategies, allowing users to choose the best investment strategy according to their needs to gain the best return on investment.


Pavo acts as a companion for the Dashboard.

Technically, Pavo utilizes the eyes on its tail to launch the monitoring strategy of Dashboard asset management.

The Dashboard is sharp-eyed. It helps you supervise the assets on your wallet address like an assistant so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of your asset distribution, and it is convenient for you to optimize your fund management strategy at any time.

Those mentioned above are just a tiny portion of the strength of Pavo. It can also travel back and forth freely in time and space, which is convenient for users to obtain more profits in other parallel Blockchains. Moreover, Pavo also gradually accumulates its energy as time goes by. It will become stronger and stronger, and when it grows to a certain point, it will bloom with dazzling light and be enormous, just like the universe. Like it spreads its majestic tail feathers, powerfully and beautifully. The most significant point is you can embrace Pavo whenever you want, as it is decentralized and free.

Are you thrilled to see the perfect form of Pavo? Please stay tuned. More miracles are on their way.

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