PAVO — The next generation yield optimizer


Along with the rapid development of the DeFi industry, new projects have been emerging all the time. While enjoying the benefit of DeFi, users also face various problems as follows:

  • It is hard for users to track and manage assets and earnings across multiple projects in real-time.

Striving to be the next generation yield optimizer, PAVO has been created to solve all these problems.

What is PAVO?

PAVO is a decentralized, multi-chain yield aggregator that supports Terra, Solana, Harmony, Ethereum and many other blockchain ecosystems. It can help users track, manage, and calculate overall asset returns across multiple DeFi projects, and adjust farming positions timely to maximize their returns. Liquidity pools (LPs) on PAVO platform generally operate by reinvesting the yields given to LP participants. More specifically, PAVO platform will regularly collect the rewards, which are given to LP participants by partner protocols in the form of their native tokens, and sell them to buy more LP tokens to be reinvested in the liquidity pools.

What makes PAVO unique?

Like other yield aggregators, PAVO aims to help users maximize their yield in DeFi farming by designing unique automated strategies for its own vaults. But the features that really set PAVO apart from other similar products are its Treasury, which will deliver more earnings for users consistently, and its swapping function across multiple chains.

How does Treasury actually work?

Funding Sources

The initial treasury fund comes from $PAVO’s fair launch activity, where users are able to use existing LPs in their portfolio to purchase $PAVO tokens. The LPs are then kept in PAVO treasury and used to execute auto farming strategies.

As users participate in the auto farming pools to obtain the compound interest earnings, each time the platform helps users to reinvest, 0.5% of the rewards will be charged as platform fees, 50% of which will then be migrated to PAVO Treasury.

Investment Model

All funds collected in PAVO Treasury will be used for providing liquidity and farming strategies, based on what LPs users have provided. The farming rewards will be allocated to the four sections below:

  • 30% of rewards will be allocated to the auto farming LP stakes;


Currently users are able to use PAVO’s Swapping function to trade between $PAVO and $UST. For the upcoming stages outlined in our roadmap, PAVO will integrate with the swapping protocol on Astroport, which is currently the dominant swap solution on Terra.

Moreover, PAVO will offer cross-chain swapping functions for users to trade assets at a fingertip. For example, users will be able to purchase $SOL from Solana using $UST on Terra. With PAVO Swap, users will be able to find the best prices and swap rates when trading in DeFi, which is achieved by splitting users’ trades into different routes across different DEXs and chains based on the available liquidity on those protocols.

For more information, check out the links below for PAVO regular updates.








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